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Brush Mower for rent Maple Grove, MN

Rate: $150/Day
Location:Maple Grove, MN 55311

Description: Swisher 44" 14.5HP tow behind rough cut trail mower

**The mower is 600lbs and 59" wide. You will need a trailer to haul it. You will not be able to load it into a truck bed.

Also available for rent with brush mower:
-1,500lb capacity tilt bed snowmobile trailer (8.5' Wide X 10.5' Long) available to rent for $35/day for 1 day or $25/day for 2 or more days. 2" receiver required.
-$1/rental period - per 10' ratchet strap.
-Polaris Sportsman 500 4x4 ATV -$150/day (24 hours) for one day or $125/day if rented for 2 days or more.
-$500 damage deposit required.

Mower Details/Specifications:

Fuel tank size: 2.5 gallons
Cutting width: 44"
Weight: ~600lbs including gas and battery
Length: 127.0 Inches
Width: 59.0 Inches
Height: 27.0 Inches

Blaze A Trail Or Clear A Field
•Get rid of overgrown ditches, fence lines and fields
•Cuts most woody materials up to 3" in diameter
•Use for rough cut and brush cutting applications

14.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine
•12-volt electric start system (no recoil back-up)

44-Inch, 11-Gauge Welded Steel Cutting Deck
•2 heavy duty hardened steel swinging blades
•Convenient single-point cutting height adjustment
•Rear discharge for mowing overgrown and wooded areas

Stump Jumper And Break Away Blade Feature
•Protects unit if you hit an immovable object while mowing

Articulating Hitch Pin Tow Arm
•Adjust left to right - position unit behind tow vehicle as needed

Remote Operator Control Console
•Engage and disengage blades from the tow vehicle

16-Inch Puncture Resistant Tires
•Helps mower roll smoothly over rough terrain

Clicks the dates above you want to
rent item and press "Rent Request"

Owner: Marc McCaffery
Phone: 612-382-9436
Owner Rating: 5.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 5  5.0/5

Terms: -Non-refundable deposit required equal to 50% of total rental fees to make reservation (applied towards total rental fees)

-$150/day (24 hours) for one day or $125/day if rented for 2 days or more.
-$100 damage deposit, signed rental agreement and copy of driver's license required.
-Renter responsible for ALL PayPal fees (including recipient fees). Example: If transferring money using a credit card you will need to add 3% to the amount transferred to cover the recipient fee.
-Visit PayPal website for more information on fees.
-PayPal.Me link provided at renters’ request
-Rental available for full days only.
-The mower will be clean, full of gas and blades sharpened when you pick it up. I expect it returned clean and undamaged.
-$50 charge (withheld from deposit) if not returned clean.
-Renter responsible for any damage beyond normal wear. (damaged blades, structural and cosmetic damage).
-$50 charge (withheld from deposit) per damaged blade. Know what you are mowing. The blades will be fine if you don't hit rocks.
-I will provide an extra belt for the unlikely event of a belt breakage. Renter is responsible for changing the belt which takes approximately 30 minutes. Instructions provided. Belt breakage will not extend rental time.

Deposit: $100
Delivery: $0
Pickup: N/A
Other: Delivery available for $50 plus $1/mile.

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Brush Mower For Rent Brush Mower For Rent


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