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Fun to Rent!

Ever wish you could just test drive an item before you bought it? Or maybe you just don’t want to have to shell out your hard-earned cash when you only need it for a day – or an hour! Or maybe YOU have valuable assets just laying around collecting dust – why not make some money when you are not using it!?

FundaRental is a fun and friendly rental community that provides an easy way to rent (vs buy) WHATEVER it is you need – for as long as you need it – at a fraction of the price! And it is so easy! Just click, reserve and pick it up from someone just as friendly as you 🙂


RVs and Campers
Party Tents


I have had incredible success using FundaRental! I first posted my item (a smaller bounce house) on the website in June of 2011, and started getting reservations right away. I made my original investment back within a month, and continue renting the same bounce house eight years later. It’s nice meeting new people in my community, and they like renting from me for a reasonable price. I get a lot of repeat customers and many of those customers pass my name along to friends and family. I estimate that I have made 30+ times my initial investment.
Lon W. Happy Vendor
We have had our camper listed on FundaRental for almost 10 years. It has been a great experience! We have established a base of clients who return to rent from us year after year! And thanks to the customer review section, new clients can see what a great experience others had renting with us. The site it easy to use, and helps us manage the reservations. We love FundaRental!!
Karen N Happy Vendor

Earn up to $3,000 a month renting your unused items

Join the thousands of lenders already earning money renting out their unused belongings.

Average listings on our platform make $100 per week

It feels good to share what you have with your community when they need it. And why not make some $ along the way!

It only takes a few moments sign up and start earning today!

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