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Animal Assisted Learning--horse based for rent Hastings, MN

Rate: $0/Hour
Location:Hastings, MN 55033

Description: If Buzz ages 3 years for every calendar year and he is 28 years old, how old is he in horse years? Buzz is 84 years old and still enjoys hitting the trail (and sharing lunch)--imagine your Grandpa still hiking right along side you. Why is Buzz still healthy? How many calories does he burn? How much food does he eat in a week if he gets 6 lbs of Senior food and 10 lbs of hay cubes per day? Keep a journal on your experiences in the barn, read a book about horse behavior, why were horses so important in human history, do they continue to be? These are all examples of how to make learning math, history, geography, science, writing and reading fun and interesting to a child that may not fit so well into a traditional school setting. Horses are very intuitive and often a reflection of the human handling them. That interaction can assist in learning basic concepts--home schoolers & High schoolers welcome too!

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Owner: Dawn Lanning

Terms: call to discuss
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Animal Assisted Learning--horse based For Rent


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