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Yakima Skybox Thule Atlantis cargo roofbox box rental for rent Boise, ID

Rate: $65/Week
Location:3770 Coventry Dr.
                Boise, ID 83704

Description: We are a super small local business that offers cargo boxes available for rental. If you've looked into these, you know the price! these are VERY expensive to purchase and for alot of people - the thought of having one to use is great, but the use would be pretty infrequent, and most of the time this would remain unused, either on top of the car or stored somewhere. These boxes are bulky & hard to store - for most people out there - it may be one of the things that actually makes sense to rent!

At rocketboxrentals we have several different sizes and prices available. We rent for weekends or by the week - or if you have some other needs available - contact us - we're open to hear what you may need a cargo box for.
Ski season and the holidays are coming up - if you're planning on traveling and need some extra room for hauling bags or gifts around - a cargo box may be the answer you're looking for! We also have frequent renter cards too! Rent 5 times, get number 6 free!

ALL our cargo boxes will be mounted upon rental.
They come with lock and key - keeping your items safe during travel.

Our larges box is the massive Yakima Skybox Pro 21 - offering 21 cubic feet of storage!
Smallest is a Packasport - offering 11 cubic feet of sleek carrying capacity.

Clicks the dates above you want to
rent item and press "Rent Request"

Owner: john fuhrman
Phone: 208-991-3653

Terms: weekends, week long and longer rentals available. Rental includes mounting and removal of cargo box.
Deposit: $50
Delivery: $0
Pickup: N/A
Other: N/A

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Yakima Skybox Thule Atlantis cargo roofbox box rental For Rent


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